~ Parkville Nature Sanctuary, Parkville, Missouri ~

~ PNS Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q. What can I do there? What will I see?

A. You can hike; enjoy nature in 115 acres of forested land---which includes: a streamside forest and waterfalls, an upland forest, and a one-acre sample of native prairie. Bring binoculars to observe native songbirds and mammals; see frogs, turtles and snakes. Observe many species of butterflies and colorful insects. Have a trailside lunch or just rest on a bench. You can find solitude here, in a world that is otherwise all too busy.

Q. How long are the hiking trails?

A: The trail system totals 2.8 miles. It includes two main loop trails:
Old Kate Trail is .9 mile long. This most popular loop trail circles a forested stream valley, visiting waterfalls, Riss Lake Dam. Boardwalk and the “Girl Scout Cabin” pavilion. Hiking time: plan about-one-half hour. Difficulty: mild to moderate White-tail Trail at 1.3 miles long is the most challenging trail. It proceeds from the road by the soccer field, east up the hill to the highest point in the Sanctuary and then back down the hill where it connects with the Old Kate Trail loop. Hiking time: plan 50 minutes to over one-hour. Difficulty: moderate to difficult---hilly and rocky in places Bluebird Trail at .3 mile, is an ADA Accessible trail spur. It proceeds north along White Alloe Creek from the road by the soccer field to the prairie and back. See map for smaller, connector trails.

Q. Are bicycles allowed? Is there a trail bike area?

A. No bicycles or motorbikes are allowed in the Nature Sanctuary.

Q. May I bring my dog to the Sanctuary? May I ride my horse there?

A. No. Dogs and other pets are not allowed. Dogs disturb wildlife and wildlife watchers. We suggest that you please walk your pets at near-by parks.

Q. Are horses allowed on the trails?

A. No. Horses are not allowed. They destroy the surface of hiking trails.

Q. Is water available on the site?

A. No. Please bring your own water bottle.

Q. Are there restrooms? Where are they located?

A. There are two restrooms located in a small block building between our parking lot and the Park University softball field. PNS and PU share these restrooms. Because of the terrain, they are not ADA Accessible. The restrooms are closed in cold weather as they are not weather-proofed.

Q. Are there any accommodations for people with disabilities?

A. Because of the natural hilly terrain, access by wheel-chair is limited to the accessible to one fairly level trail: Bluebird Trail which travels .3 miles along the scenic edge of White-Alloe Creek. It is accessible to those in wheel-chairs.

Q. May I rent or reserve the “Girl Scout Cabin” Pavilion?

A. The Girl Scout Cabin is primarily for use by hikers as a place to take shelter during a storm, or as a place to enjoy a picnic lunch. It is also used for special events and programs by the Nature Sanctuary staff and volunteers. It may be reserved for a group or family event, if the event does not interfere with its primary uses. There is no parking or vehicular access to the pavilion. You must carry in and carry out anything you need. A contribution to the Nature Sanctuary is requested. For more information e-mail: starshine333@att.net

Q. Is camping allowed?

A. No camping is allowed. The Sanctuary closes at night to provide quiet for wildlife.

Q. May bus groups visit?

A. Yes. Parking is limited, so we do not recommend more than one bus.

Q. May school classes or youth groups visit PNS?

A. Yes. School groups may visit without reservations. Please limit group size to one bus at a time.

Q. Are guided hikes for adult groups or students available?

A. Yes, on a limited basis---if a volunteer can be found to lead your group. E-mail inquiries to starshine333@att.net

Q. May I hold my wedding at PNS?

A. No, we are sorry, but we cannot accommodate weddings.

Q. Is there poison ivy there?

A. Yes, poison ivy is found in all wooded areas of Missouri. To stay safe---Stay on the trails and avoid contact with vines that have three leaves. Wear jeans, shoes and socks when hiking, not shorts or sandals.

Q. How may I make a contribution to Parkville Nature Sanctuary?

A. You may make a tax-deductible contribution to Parkville Nature Sanctuary by writing a check payable to: Parkville Nature Sanctuary and send to Parkville City Hall, c/o Bob Fluchel, Director, Parkville City Hall, 8880 Clark Ave., Parkville MO 64152.
Thank you for supporting our work to keep PNS a great place to visit.

Q. How may I find out about volunteer opportunities at PNS?

A. e-mail Director Bob Fluchel at starshine333@att.net

Q. How may I follow activities at PNS on the internet?

A. Go to our website: parkvillenaturesanctuary.net